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Book 1

The Adventure Begins  Origin Story, Brazil, and Chile .Sign-up for notices and deals on the next books in the series.

Book 2

Bolivar’s South America  Bolivia, Peru and Machu Picchu, Ecuador, The Galapagos and Colombia

Book 3

The Center of America  Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Tikal

Book 4

The Caribbean Lifestyle  Belize, Cancun and Chichen Itza, and Havana, Cuba

Next book in the series
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About Two Broke Chicas

Follow the adventure of two women old enough to know better on a backpack journey through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba.

These are the blog posts that were created along the way to document my commitment to work from anywhere. There is much more to the story, coming out in an ebook in April 2017.

Description of This Travel Series

My partner, Adina, and I left our San Francisco lives behind and for four months hit the backpacker trail through South and Central America, Belize, Cancun, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. We were budget travelers of a certain age, who started at the bottom of a continent with a mission to experience as much of the richness of the cultures of this region as possible. We figured it out as we went along, and journeyed through a continent, explored the lives of its people, and its magnificent beauty. You can follow our adventure and plan you own through this travel series.

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Two Broke Chicas Hit The Road

We want to hear from you, about your crazy travel stories, your blog, your Facebook expeditions, or any questions about the books. Enjoy the journey. 

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